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Planning a vacation? No problem! The kennel is open for boarding! MSGAO’s “Day Spa” (as it is called by many of our clients) is a great way for your greyhound to relax, play, and unwind with others. Our kennel staff will see to your greyhound’s every need.  Space is limited, so please call ahead and make reservations. Calls are better than emails for making reservations. For holiday boarding, please reserve spaces two weeks in advance.  

  • Greyhounds only!

  • Please bring your dog’s kennel muzzle and collar.

  • Bring enough food to last your dog his or her stay.  (If you want your hound to eat kennel food, please keep in mind we have gone grain-free, feeding Kirkland Natures Domain Beef and Sweet Potato.)


You are welcome to bring blankets that smell like home. 

​If you are picking up on Tuesday or Sunday, when we are

closed to the public, please call ahead so we know to

expect you. 

Note: If while boarding we discover fleas or ticks on your

hound(s) we will give a Nexgard chewable table

that will provide flea and tick protection for one month.

The cost of one Nexgard at the kennel is $20, which will be

added to your boarding bill. At check-in, please let us know

if your dog is allergic to any flea and tick preventives.  

Please make arrangements to pick your dog(s) up at

the appropriate time!


Boarding Rates:

One Dog:  $30 per night

Two Dogs:  $40 per night

Three Dogs:  $50 per night

Day Boarding (No Overnight Stay): $15 per dog 

Additional Services:

  • $10 bathing charge

  • $5 toenail-clipping/ear-cleaning charge

  • $35 fee for transporting boarding dogs to Dr. Gehring’s office in West Memphis for routine, pre-scheduled services.

Pick-up Schedule

If you can’t make it during regular business hours, you can

pick up your greyhound any day of the week at these times: 

  • 7-10 a.m.

  • 2:30-3:30 p.m.

  • 7:30-8 p.m.


MSGAO will continue boarding services until Dec. 31, 2022. No new appointments will be accepted after that date.

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